First Time Tester!

After a weekend of cutting fabric, interfacing and headliner followed by sewing, I finished my tester bag! I can’t wait for the pattern to be released so I can share the pictures 😊  I absolutely love the bag, I took it to work all this week as I couldn’t wait to start using it. 

I learned some new techniques, and am feeling more confident with each bag I make. This is my second attempt using faux leather for an entire bag and I love it. I will definitely be making more! 

I also made my first faux leather piping recently. It will be for my next Amber Messenger Bag by Moments Designs. I’m using pink faux leather from Sew Hot for the piping and black faux leather from a shop in Manchester. The lining will be a pretty batik (I have a bit of an addiction to batik fabrics lol) which I got from another shop near Manchester. I am going to work on it over the weekend…most likely 🤣

Here is the piping I made:

And the lining fabric I’m using (sorry about the shadows!):

So happy it’s the weekend! Happy crafting…H x

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