Lunch, anyone?

I finally got around to making this gorgeous Luxie Lunch Bag by Emmaline Bags. I’ve had this pattern for ages now, I was on the hunt for a lunch bag that would fit a nice lunch box and/or several little pots/tubs.

As someone who works full time and has had an on-again/off-again relationship with Weight Watchers for many years now, on the ‘good’ days where I have taken the time to organise myself and prep for the next day, I always ended up with a small shop-bought lunch bag, in which I could only fit an ice pack and one or two small tubs that needed to stay cold, and then everything else ended up lost at the bottom of a shopping tote.

After searching online for the perfect pattern, I came across Luxie. This lunch bag is the perfect solution for food preppers, workers and dieters/healthy eaters all rolled in to one! I have two lunch boxes which I hardly ever use because I could never fit them in an insulated lunch bag without them being on their side, usually resulting in leaks and messy lunches. They both fit perfectly in Luxie 😊

She made her lunch debut at work with me yesterday, and she was jam-packed full with my ice pack, lots of little tubs of goodies and some fruit. It was great having everything in one place 😊 I also intended to make a little wrap for my cutlery so they’re not rattling around, perhaps a project for this weekend 🤔

I love the use of the wire frames in the top that allow the bag to be fully opened, allowing you easy access to all your goodies 😊 I thought this would be harder to do than it was, plus they’re removable so your bag can be machine washed if required. As this will be my lunch bag and used daily, I lined it with PUL which is a little see-through so if I make another, I will make sure to add something under it to hide some of the construction details 🤭. By using PUL, the inside is wipe-clean and waterproof in case of any spills (I don’t know how many leak-proof containers I’ve bought over the years that really aren’t leak-proof!).

No bag would be complete without some bling! In addition to the frames, the gun metal rivets and zipper pull are also from Emmaline. I used metal-look nylon zippers from Tania Fabric on Facebook and the strap connectors were from Etsy. The fabric is from a Fat Quarter bundle I bought a while ago, I think it might have been from one of the crafty shopping channels, but I can’t remember which one. I do know it’s by Fabric Editions, however I can no longer get it in the UK which is sad because it’s just gorgeous. Purple, black and silver are just my absolute favourite colours and together they’re stunning. Considering this is just a lunch bag, I did go a little OTT with the straps and the bling, but I will be using this every work day so I want it to look nice 😊

I’m super proud of how this turned out and love how pretty it is 😊 I expect I will have to make another before long as I am sure I will end up wearing this out!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve been making!

Happy Crafting x💜x

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