Meet Jade, by Moments Designs…

I’m so excited to finally share my most recent make with you! Jade, by Moments Designs by Liz Schaffner 💕💕

You can get the FREE pattern here: 

Isn’t she a beauty! This is the latest design from Liz and I was so lucky to be picked to test for her. It was my first time testing and I had such a blast, the pattern is easy to follow and has plenty of clear photos to help you along the way. 

I love Liz’s humour, and it is always present in her patterns. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she came over to the UK from Germany to teach us her last pattern, the Amber Messenger Bag. It was a great weekend early in November hosted by Christine Davis of Bags by Bags of Style and Liz, we had a great time and I learned a lot from them both. It was great to meet other ladies with similar creative interests. 

I still have two more bags cut out and ready to sew, one Amber and one Jade. I also have some others on my list too…the list is ever growing! If only I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow…

Happy bag making peeps 💕 x

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