Happy Thanksgiving!

First of all I would like to wish my American friends a happy thanksgiving! 🦃

I am thankful for my friends, family and my love of creativity 😊

However, today I am feeling under the weather and wishing I could stay in bed as I have a sore throat, a really irritating cough and a horrible headache from lack of sleep and the pressure caused by coughing all day yesterday and all last night 😥  G has had it for a week now and he still has a bad cough so neither of us have slept much the last few nights 💤

The problem with working in a big office…there are certain people whose personal hygiene isn’t as good as it probably should be, they come to work and cough over everyone then take a week off sick and come back and continue to cough over everyone. 

I am still on probation as I only started this job in June. A few weeks into my new job and my appendix decided it didn’t like me any more and wanted to come out so I spent a week in hospital, had my appendix taken out and then had two weeks to recover. Unfortunately this means that if I am now sick within 12 months of my start date, I don’t get paid. If I have any more time off before 12 December then I may not pass my probation. 

This is totally off topic but it annoys me when we are guilted into going to work when we are unwell, making ourselves worse and spreading the bugs so we all get sick 🤢 😒

I have been accepted into a testing group to test a new handbag for a designer I met at a bag makers retreat a few weeks ago 😊  exciting times, I’ve never tested a pattern before and I’m really looking forward to the challenge, as I am feeling unwell, I’ve only managed so far to cut out the pattern pieces and haven’t even fully decided on my fabric yet 😥  fingers crossed I will feel well enough to start sewing on the weekend. 

I wasn’t expecting my second post to be a sad one, but this blog is a place for me to vent and my colleagues won’t see it 😂

Peak of the hardware I picked for my test bag
Happy crafting and happy thanksgiving 🦃 😊  have a great day xxx 💜

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