Crochet Madness

Over the last couple of weeks I find myself wanting to play with yarn more than fabric. Perhaps it’s the time of year and the promise of a cozy blanket to snuggle up with.

Following my last post where I had a very random crochet week, I have done a little bit more (but not much) on my C2C Scheepjes blanket. That was until I bought my best friend K (who lives in my hometown of Stalybridge) a couple of Caron Cakes in Blackberry Mousse for Christmas as she wanted to make a shawl. 

I found this gorgeous, free pattern by Universal Yarns (designed by Amy Gunderson) and we were fortunate enough to find a series of videos to follow on Youtube by Jonna Martinez. I say ‘we’…I had to get myself some Caron Cakes too lol 😄  they are so pretty and there are so many delicious colour schemes to chose from. I got two Blackberry Mousse cakes and two Cherry Chip cakes so I can make two shawls. The pattern is so quick and easy to follow!

Cherry Chip
Blackberry Mousse

While I waited for the Caron Cakes to arrive, I started a practice piece with some James C Brett yarn that I used for my last C2C blanket. I wanted to have a go at the pattern to see how it worked up and how it would look and I LOVE it! I only had one ball of this left so I obviously couldn’t make up the full pattern but it made quite a nice size and once I have finished some of WIPs then maybe I will get some more of the same yarn and finish it. 

Here’s just a little lookie at what I did with the James C Brett yarn, think it will look good when it’s finished, but I think the Caron one will look better!

I’m looking forward to sharing my finished shawl(s) with you 😊 

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Happy hooking my friends…H x
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Please note, I am not affiliated with any of the sites I’ve linked to, these are just some of the sites I use most often and wanted to share.

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