My First NCW

NCW – that’s the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags. I’ve had the pattern for ages and been dying to try it, I started it a couple weeks ago but then went away for a few days for my birthday so didn’t get to finish it until I got back.
Here is a little gallery of some of my in-progress pics:
It is such a great pattern to follow and I will absolutely make it again. I used fabrics that aren’t really my style, I wanted to do a practice run to familiarise myself with the pattern and so I could see if I would like using it. The last purse I made wasn’t really suitable for my needs as it was more geared towards notes and cards, and being British we have a lot of coins to contend with so I prefer a purse with easy access to both coins and notes which the NCW does offer. I plan to make one to match each of the bags I’ve made 😊
Here is the end result:Β 
Despite the fabric not being my favourite, I am really pleased with how it turned out 😊 I will use it for a few days until I make my next one. So far, so good. There are a few things I think I would like to change, maybe more card slots, an extra zipper pocket and perhaps a magnetic snap in the middle to prevent it popping all the way open when I’m in a rush. I would also use rivets on the sides as I have seen many other people do. There isn’t a lot of room to be able to sew all the way down and it can be quite thick, especially around the zip ends. I also think I need a rivet press πŸ€”
The other thing I like is that there are lots of different hacks out there for the NCW, plus the NCW Addicts page over on Facebook is great! If you have made the NCW or want to, then I encourage you to join, you will need to answer a few simple questions but as long as you’re a crafter then you are likely to be accepted. I love it as I enjoy looking at all the different versions and I’m not very imaginative so it’s great to see how people use colour and different fabric types. They look great in cork or faux leather/vinyl so I intend to give this a go one day.
It was my nephew’s 4th birthday last week, he was born 3 days after my birthday and my sister has her’s in March too so it’s always a busy month! I made my sister a little box to put a little charm in:Β 

Β To make the box, I followed a tutorial on YouTube by Intatwyne Designs – she makes amazing items and shares the tutorials, they are quick, easy and fun to make. You don’t need a lot of equipment to make them either.Β 
I made my nephew a card, he’s into everything at the moment and I have a limited selection of card making supplies but I have the cutest little space themed pack of clear stamps and this was the result:

He was so happy with it, he’s the most loving and adorable little boy 😊 he even gave it a cuddle before passing it to his mum and moving on to his toys 😁

If you remember, I had intended to make a blanket for him and I had hoped to have it ready for his birthday, but I have only just started week two of the CAL so I am now hoping to have it ready for Christmas πŸ˜‚ this isn’t unusual for me – G’s new nickname for me is The Professional Procrastinator…maybe that’s a better name than The Random Crafter πŸ˜‚
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Have you been working on anything interesting lately? I would love to hear about it xxπŸ’œxx

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