It’s Quiet Around Here…

img_8186I’ve been a little quiet lately, sorry if you’ve missed me! I’ve been so exhausted with work and the travelling back and forth every day, it just wears me out 😔😴

I know a lot of people travel longer and further every day for their jobs, but when you suffer from depression and just getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge, it makes it a million times worse. I shouldn’t care what other people think or what other people do, but it’s just another one of the things that I can’t help worrying about.

We are still anxiously awaiting the purchase of our house to go through, we drive past the house now and again just to remind ourselves that it will be ours soon and just to see how pretty it is ☺️🏡 I really can’t wait for us to have our own little slice of heaven, and most of all I can’t wait to have a fully functioning craft room! I’m seeing a nice big cutting table, an ironing station, room for my sewing machine AND my overlocker to be out at the same time, peg boards on the walls and loads and loads of lovely storage space! Although, it’s been so long since we started the process, I can’t even remember how big the room is, so whether all of that will fit or not is another story…

Since my last post (I can’t even remember if I mentioned it then or not), I have had my first two commissions. You may remember the lovely (if I dare say so myself) Eve handbag I made for my best friend, K? Well her sister loved it and asked if I would make her a cross-body bag. Of course I am up for the challenge and after making a list of quite a few options, she chose a Swoon Sydney which is a great choice and a new one for me to try ☺️ I love the style so much, I might even have to make one for myself 😁 I’m still in the early stages, I’ve cut out all the (many) pieces and fused all the interfacing and I am now ready to sew! Oh, except the strap, I’ve not cut that out yet…I am planning on doing some of it today, but we will see! Urg, housework 😒

I have also been asked to make one of the very lovely Pineapple Peacock Shawls also featured in one of my previous posts. A very lovely girl I work with, who I’ve not actually met yet but have spoken to many times on the phone, asked me to make her one all in black. I chose Caron Simply Soft as she asked for it without wool, and this is a similar weight yarn to the Caron Cakes and I’m so glad I chose it as it really is simply soft, it’s gorgeous to work with and I can’t wait to get it finished this week 😊 I hope she will love it as much as I love making it 🖤

Something else I have been making on the quiet, is cloth menstrual/sanitary pads. I say “on the quiet’ because for some strange reason, some people find this idea “gross” and “disgusting” so I’ve been too afraid to share this as I find the negativity online to be so upsetting and soul destroying, that I keep my online presence pretty quiet these days. However, last night, I came across a post in one of the Facebook UK sewing groups that I am a member of, which was by a lovely girl who had also made some and she was upset because one of her friends had said exactly that, “gross”. I don’t understand how women who have periods every month think it’s gross or disgusting when it’s a part of them, it’s a natural process. It makes me sad that we are made to feel ashamed about it. What is even worse, is that there are women and girls all over the world who don’t have any sanitary products available, some who are made to sleep in huts during their period because the men in those countries see the women as spoiled or unclean, girls in countries who have to live in real shame because some of them don’t even have underwear, let alone a sanitary pad.

I spent hours reading through the comments, and sharing my experience on the post, and I have to say my faith in British women and Facebook has been slightly restored this morning ☺️ I was amazed by the wonderful support and positive comments by so many women in the group who either use cloth pads already, or some who never even thought of it and wanted more support and information on the subject. I was happy to be a part of the discussion and to share what I have learned so far. Just like depression and mental health, we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies or our natural processes. Not only is using cloth pads better for our bodies, it saves money, and more importantly, it reduces the amount of waste we produce. Apparently it takes around 500 years for a disposable pad to decompose, they contain plastics, they have chemicals and bleach in them which is harmful to us and to the environment and for those people who still flush them (why?!), they clog up our drains!

Well, I am not ashamed of trying to do right by my body and reduce waste. Here is my little stash so far, not as pretty as some I have seen because I am upcycling an old sheet to make them 😊 waste not, want not.

The pictures aren’t great, but I never thought I would be sharing them. The first two I made, I jumped in without reading the instructions 🙈 turns out, the pattern I bought from The Happy Hippos doesn’t have a seam allowance, I’m used to patchwork and bag making which all have a seam allowance so this didn’t even occur to me! They turned out fine, if a little smaller than they should have, but still practical and fine for daily use. My stitching isn’t great either, they are quite thin round the edges and the curves take some getting used to. I have been using a zig-zag stitch on them mostly now, it looks pretty and helps reduce the bulk of the core. I used two layers of an old towel (upcycling! Yay!) and some scraps of the purple fabric in the first batch, which is fine for daily use or a light flow, but I invested in some Zorb that I bought from eBay, it was actually cheaper than I thought and for a meter (I think it was), you can get so many pieces out of it as the cores are smaller than the rest of the pad. The recommendation is two layers of Zorb for medium-heavy flow and one layer for light. I will just use Zorb in my meadium-heavy use pads and use up the rest of the towel for lighter days and daily use ☺️

cores cut and stitched together

As you can see, the towel I used is a little retro lol…hence why I thought I would use it for this as it won’t get used for much else. The white pieces underneath are the double layers of Zorb (don’t worry, the red around the edge is just the pen I used!).

If you are on Facebook, search “Sewing Cloth Menstrual Pads” and send a request to join if you are interested in making these yourself, there is a wealth of information, links to free patterns and so much help and support and the pictures of other ladies creations are just stunning!

The next thing I want to do in my mission to try and reduce the amount of waste I create, is to make reusuable wipes, face scrubby things I’ve seen online, stop using kitchen paper and make a replacement for those too. Some of these will be sewn and I’m thinking of little crocheted cotton pads for the face scrubbies to replace cotton wool pads. It will take me a long time to get there, but it will be worth it when I do 😊

Well, as I can’t help worrying, I hope this post is helpful and doesn’t cause an uproar and I hope you all have a lovely day…Happy Crafting xxx💜xxx

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