Sunny Sundays ☀️

I can’t believe the weekend is over already and it’s time for work again 😳

Anyone who knows me well, will know that on the weekend I don’t usually do anything or go anywhere, but we had a couple of things to do yesterday morning and G fancied breakfast at ‘Spoons again 😁 never gonna say no to breakfast 😂 plus the sun was shining and after a week of rain and being miserable about the lack of sun, I just had to get out and soak up some rays ☀️😍

We had to pop to the post office (yep, on a Sunday!?) to collect a parcel of some yummy yarn for me to finish one of my shawls, and to Sainsbury’s to collect an eBay parcel (yep, they do click & collect now!) which was some metal hoops I ordered to make some gorgeous mandala hoops. Lucy of Attic24 has been making mandalas again, and has written a free pattern for the Positivity Mandala Hoop and they are so pretty I couldn’t resist giving it a go…to be continued 😁

Anyway, after a small(ish) shop in Tesco and parcel collecting, I just didn’t want to be indoors (not like me at all!) so as soon as we got in, I suggested we go for a walk. There’s a lovely park about a ten minute walk from our flat and we’ve not been there since I attempted a small walk there after my appendectomy op last July, so with the sun out and my need for some nature, I decided it was the perfect time to get out and go for a walk.It was so nice to be outdoors among the gorgeous greenery in spring, it feels like we had such a long winter and everything was so grey and drab, and now all of a sudden everything is green! 💚 it was busier than I expected with lots of families out and people walking their dogs (this is probably normal, my I’m usually inside hiding!). My photographer did a lovely job taking pics for me, I’m rubbish at it and usually end up with all sorts of random things in my pics, like the wheely bins in one of my holiday snaps that G will never let me forget 😂It feels like I’ve not seen buttercups and daisies for years, and clover! Not seen purple clover for such a long time, so pretty to see that little pop of purple 💜The park goes up and up and up until you’re looking out over the whole of Newport and it was such a nice, clear day you could see all the way out to the Bristol estuary (so G informs me 😂). I forgot how unfit I am 😳 Beechwood Park is gorgeous but it’s steeper than some mountains! Holy crap I didn’t realise how steep it was and I didn’t think I was gonna make it 😂 thankfully there was a little shop at the top where we got a bottle of water each and sat down for ten mins so I could recuperate before walking back down the other side and heading home.I’ve also managed some crocheting this week, I made another shawl, I didn’t take very good pics as it was late in the day when I finished them and G was busy on his PlayStation 😂This one was made using Caron Cakes BlackBerry Mousse, and as it was my second one it was much quicker to make than the last one. I spent a few hours on it every evening through the week, I think I started it last Sunday and finished it on Friday which I’m pretty pleased with 😊

I also got round to making the cutlery wrap/pouch (not sure what to call it) to match my Luxie Lunch bag from the other week. I didn’t use a pattern, just made it up myself which is a first for me 😊 and again, I’ve not got any fancy pics, just ones I took after I finished it 👏🏻I then decided I needed something to put my ice pack in, up until now I just wrapped a microfibre cloth around it, so with some of the leftover fabric, I whipped up a very basic pouch for it. I’m pleased with how they all turned out, next on my list are a couple of things I’ve been commissioned to make, a shawl for a lovely girl at work and a bag for my friends sister 😊 the shawl will be good for me to do in the evenings again this week now my yarn has arrived and I can concentrate on the bag on the weekend 😊

Hope everyone has a lovely crafty week, don’t work too hard 😉


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  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog. G has done a great job of the pics. Love everything that you make, as I have told you your talent is wasted in work. Xx

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