Testing Testing…Eve & A Weave

Eve Final PicsHere I am, and I’ve been at it again! Liz of Moments Designs invited me to her latest test group to test a couple of new features for a couple of her existing patterns, Eve & Jade.

The front pocket is a supplement to the current Eve pattern which can be found on the Moments Designs Facebook page under the files section. You will need to be a member of the group to get the additional instructions. The weave is a paid addition for both Jade & Eve which you can find on Craftsy.

Eve wanted to get all dressed up with a fancy little slip pocket for the outside, and a cute new weave to go with it! I had to do both, I have never made Eve before and she’s been on my (ever-growing) to-do list for a while now. While she’s a lovely looking bag, I was a bit intimidated and felt it was a little out of my comfort zone…however, I also love a challenge so couldn’t resist, plus I’ve made Jade twice and wanted to try something new.

I’m not really a shoulder-bag kinda girl, yet my best friend, K, is. It’s also her birthday soon AND I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pattern for her. She’s a teacher and a bag that fits a few books and sturdy enough to do so is what was needed. Eve fits the bill perfectly 😊 she’s not a huge bag, so great for every day use and I don’t expect she will hold a whole class worth of books, but it will fit a couple of slim, A4 (US Letter) ring binders and also fits my 13” MacBook Air nicely.

13″ MacBook Air with room to spare

I had to wait for over a week to make a start as I needed a buttonhole cutter, I could have used a craft knife but it would have taken too long, and I like new toys 😁 I was so excited when it arrived, and even though it came on a weekday, I got stuck in straight away as soon as I got home from work πŸ˜‚

I loved making Eve, I found the pattern easy to follow and the instructions and pictures were clear. I still consider myself a beginner, but I found myself breezing through and was finished sooner than I thought I would be.Β The weave was super quick too, I am a little paranoid and OCD, so I took a little longer than I should have because I glued the strips and usedΒ double sided tape on the ends of the strips to make sure they didn’t move. I found that on Amber when I did the weave, I caught a couple of the strips and had to glue them down.

Lattice Weave all done ☺️

The exterior was a challenge, especially when it came to topstitching the last seam as it was like a tunnel and it felt like I needed to climb inside it to see what I was doing. I put together a few of the progress pics, I like to look back at what went into each creation 😊

I will be posting Eve to K this week, I cannot wait for her to get it, and she’s so excited 😊fullsizeoutput_b46Now on to the next project 😊

What’s your plan for the long weekend? I’d love to hear about it…


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